New: An Aves 3D Blog

June 3rd, 2010 by lclaesse

Aves3D Logo_Hello.

Welcome to the Aves 3D Database Blog.

The Aves 3D database has been live in Beta version since July 2009, and we officially launched the resource in February 2010 with media coverage in amongst others the journal Science and PLoS. Starting June 2010, we have added a blog to the database, where we will post updates on database activity and student work over the summer and during the academic year. In June and July, four undergraduate students are busy working in the lab, Stephanie John, who also worked in the lab last summer, and Maggie Johnson, Ariana Masi and Tiffany Medwid. Together with Abby, they are scanning and uploading new material on the database, and are also planning a cool educational module on the bird skeleton, explaining the various bones that make up a bird, and some of the interesting facts regarding their location, shape and function. We hope that you find the Aves 3D Database a useful and interesting resource, and welcome any comments on Aves 3D design and functionality you might have.

Best wishes,

Leon Claessens